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Hi, I'm Patricia A L.

I had to make an emergency room visit due to severe constipation. I have since learned that the medications I took were the main culprit and dehydration. I have since been on a daily regimen as prescribed by my family physician. I eat 4 prunes a day; 1 dose of Miralax and 1 dose of Metamucil; and at least 4 bottled waters. I cut back on the Miralax if I start experiencing really lose stools. I have ovarian cancer and have been on chemotherapy for 5 years. I’ve tolerated it very well even with this one time bout of constipation. It’s all good now. Are there any other constipation remedies out there experienced by patients? My best wishes to everyone. Thank you.

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  • Wed Oct 14, 2020
Hi, I'm Mary T.

I am only one month in to multiple Myeloma, I get 2 Velcade Shots A week, take 40 mg Dex (steroid) on Monday’s and just added Revlimid 5 mg starting in my second cycle today. I had the worst constipation (like nothing for 4 days). I ate prunes, drank prune juice, took Ducolax. Finally I ate a Sizeable piece of dark chocolate with chili peppers and had success. Once that ordeal was over it briefly went in the other extreme but only about a day. I currently maintain with a stool softener each night. I may add eating the prunes this week since I’m back on meds after a week off meds.

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  • about 20 hours ago

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