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Possible drug interaction between sprycel and nexium

Hi, I'm FRANK C H.

My husband has been diagnosed with CML and is to start sprycel tomorrow. He is currently on Nexium and the specialty pharmacist advised me it could interfere with the absorption of his sprycel. Anyone else out there on sprycel that also takes Nexium? I would appreciate any feedback.

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  • Thu Oct 25, 2018
Hi, I'm DMR

I am on day 30 with Sprycel and have been on Nexium for many years, My Oncologist knew this and the Pharmacy Director at Cancer Institute would not allow me to start Sprycel until he spoke to Doc. My understanding is that Glabeck doesn’t have same issues with PPIs like Nexium/Prilosec. The computer told the Pharmacy Director to not fill the script due to a conflict in the meds. I thought the conversation was a matter of effectiveness and the PPI reduces the effectiveness of Sprycel. make sure the Pharmacy and your Doc talk about this, it was allowed in my case.

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  • Thu Dec 13, 2018

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