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Hi, I'm Linda L B.
Hi my name is Linda and I was wondering if anyone has had Endocervical cancer and how they are doing? I did not have surgery.. I was given chemo and radiation to treat a 6cm malignant tumor. I h...
  • Tue Dec 18, 2018 ·
I'm Louise J G., and I'm a survivor of Myelodysplastic Syndrome
I have high risk MDS and should commence Vidaza today if platelets are high enough. I too would like some information from anyone going through MDS.
  • Mon Dec 17, 2018 · Like1
Hi, I'm SUSAN K D.
went in Monday for my "education" and talked to the nurse. she asked if I was allergic to the heprin...never had it before so I don't know. So she said we will see when I go for my first treatmen...
  • about 5 hours ago ·
Hi, I'm Betti
Is your doctor aware of it? After my 3rd infusion through a port my upper arm got really hot when the nurse was doing my BP. It was somewhat red and warm to the touch. It was felt that perhaps I...
  • about 16 hours ago ·
Hi, I'm Richard F.
I also have Myelofibrosis and enlarged spleen, I have been taking Jakafi since 9-1-2018, my spleen is still very large, from what I read the Jakafi is not curative just helps with the symptoms. I’m...
  • about 21 hours ago · Like2
Hi, I'm Gunther
Had robotic radical prostatectomy in 2012 (Gleason 7). Also removed two lymph glands but they were negative. No further treatment - no radiation. PSA numbers were fine until 2018. Since then, P...
  • about 22 hours ago ·
Oh Pamela I pray it helps me too!!!! Will try immediately! Thanks so much for sharing. I have been at my wits end lately with these side effects!! Happy holidays all :)
  • about 23 hours ago ·
I'm jackjons, and I'm a healthcare professional
Email services are the fast way to communicate with many people as it sends and receives data of any format also it's used for both personal and business purpose. the main issue of email service is...
  • Tue Dec 18, 2018 ·
I'm jackjons, and I'm a healthcare professional
Email errors can arise out of nowhere and can be highly frustrating because it can harm your account and important data and it’s no less than an uphill climb to diagnose the error and if you are un...
  • Tue Dec 18, 2018 ·
I started xarelto around October for a clotting disorder. The past 2 months I have been experiencing extreme vaginal bleeding during menstrual cycles accompanied by some serious clots. I went to th...
  • Tue Dec 18, 2018 ·

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