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Hi, I'm Betti
My OT recommended a compression sleeve for use doing some things to prevent it. So far I haven't any problems. She also gave me exercises I could do at home once I was done with appointments with...
  • Sun Jun 30, 2019 ·
Hi, I'm Kewl judy
Are you having dizziness and headaches? Dr said don’t worry but not pose to drive in case of seizures. Do you have those?
  • Sun Jun 30, 2019 · Like2
Hi, I'm maddy
I now have had a year of chemo, 33 radiation treatments and the out come is if I survive the next five years my chance of surviving will be much greater. Has anyone else been told this and how do ...
  • Sat Jun 29, 2019 ·
Hi, I'm Betti
I was talking with a lady who was diagnosed less than a year ago with Ovarian Cancer. She had surgery and chemo. and was doing well she thought. When she started having back pain her Oncology nur...
  • Thu Jun 27, 2019 · Like1
Hi, I'm Sharon
61yrs old stage 4 2018. 2 clear pet scan in Nov. 2018 and April 2019 but now it’s back Breast to Bone Mets again. Been on Ibrance and Letrozole for a year with good results till now. Waiting on ...
  • Mon Jun 24, 2019 · Like2
Hi, I'm Lori J.
Just trying to figure out what questions I need tonask
  • Mon Jun 24, 2019 ·
Hi, I'm cherridge
Ginger can be bought in block or chunk form, and broken up into little candy like pieces. Canada Dry has real ginger in it, Vernors doesn't
  • Sun Jun 23, 2019 · Like1
Hi, I'm DragginFeet
It worked for me: the anti-nausea seasickness bracelets available for your ocean cruises kept me from having to take any of the prescribed anti-nausea medicines. I wore two of them (one on each ...
  • Sun Jun 23, 2019 · Like1
Hi, I'm Diane R M.
This post is for Sandra C...I was diagnosed with a 2nd breast cancer after 16 yrs from my first diagnosis. At that time I had lumpectomy Chemo radiation & hormone blockers which I stopped after 3 ...
  • Sun Jun 23, 2019 ·
Hi, I'm Hugh M G.
I have been on Imbruvica for about two years. 280 mg dose per day. Good days, bad days. My symptoms have been kept under control. I have had several positive test results for my N/H Lymphoma, ...
  • Sun Jun 23, 2019 ·

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