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Cancer and Blood Disorder Experiences

Cancer and Blood Disorder Experiences

  • Hi, I'm Rebecca

    Hodgkin's lymphoma survivor

    My diagnosis
    Added Sep 14, 2014

    Diagnosed 20 years ago with Hodgkins Lymphoma…was diagnosed a few weeks after my 2nd son was born..I was 26 and it was scary but I had family to help. I had ABVD with no radiation. My dr was awesome! Make sure you take all the necessary meds to stay ahead of the pain. My immune system has been weak throughout the years, but I keep bouncing bac…

  • I'm Naturalhope, and I support someone with cancer

    Natural Hope to benefit Cancer Patients

    Going through treatment
    Added Sep 4, 2014

    In 1996 our mother, Linda Marie Venzon, was diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer. The doctor had given 6 months. She took many forms of chemotherapy and with the proper diet, extra tips and positive attitude we were able to have her for 10 great years.
    She had numerous different types of chemotherapy, in which it was found out that her canc…

  • Multiple Myeloma and treatments - How to avoid nausea

    What I've learned
    Added Aug 31, 2014

    I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in January 2014. I’ve had 12 radiation treatments for a mass on the upper part of my breast bone and have completed 6 months of chemo. I am also on steroids once a week and Zometa once a month through the port. I had no nausea during the chemo treatment and I attribute that to taking 10 grams of glutami…

  • Now that they say i am cancer free i am trying to move on

    Planning for after treatment
    Added Aug 22, 2014

    and try to fine some normal. And it hard to do after Whipple surgery and the treatments . But I trying to give it one hard time to not allow it to bring me down with question are to wait for the shoe to drop..But one thing I can say is Bless this wonderful staff Doctors and nurse team for the wonderful care , Love and support. from the begin …

  • GIST Sarcoma (gastrointestional stromal tumor) & Thyroid Cancer

    My diagnosis
    Added Aug 10, 2014

    I was diagnosed with two cancers four months apart after 5 years of severe anemia, fatigue and many hospital stays for gastrointestinal hemorrhages. My anemia is fully resolved since my GIST tumor was removed and I am much better. I am still trying to get the thyroid medicine sorted out after the thyroidectomy. It’s hard not having a thyroid now…

  • Hi, I'm John B F.

    Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia

    Just some thoughts
    Added Jul 8, 2014

    My name is Barry and I was diagnosed in 2008 with CLL. I have not had
    Chemo , yet but have had repeated infections and been on constant
    antibiotic and Intra Venous Immune Globblin IVIG. Since my diagnoses
    Other health issues keep piling up because of the low immune system.
    Mine is a Chronic disease , slow growing, but still it imbalances e…

  • Hi, I'm nhcoin2014

    CRC Stage 4 mets lung & liver (Never smoked or drank,lol) FEEL GREAT !

    Going through treatment
    Added Jun 23, 2014

    CRC Stage 4 mets lung & liver. 16 Chemo infusions to date 8 months:(FOLFIRI & AVASTIN)

    Male Widower, age 67 : Had Stage 3b colon cancer, right hemi-colectomy
    (with a nice 12 inch scar) 6 months of FOLFOX 5fu, NED.

    October 2013 blood work said something was amiss. CAT Scans revealed Stage 4 lung & liver cancer. November 2013 began FOLFIR…

  • Hi, I'm lung20

    lung cancer stage 3b

    My diagnosis
    Added Jun 23, 2014

    I was diagnosed with nsclc stage 3b may 2013. I went from alternative to conventional and eventually integrative treatment. im 49 years old with two kids ages 12 and 15. I was given 2 months to live but im still kicking!

  • Perfect 10

    Evaluating treatment options
    Added Jun 21, 2014

    Because the results of my chromosomal test revealed I was likely to respond well to treatment, but my AML would most likely to recur, a stem cell transplant was recommended. I underwent induction +3 regimens of chemo before undergoing an allo transplant donated by a 43 year old female from Germany (unrelated). She matched me 10/10!

  • (Head spinning)

    My diagnosis
    Added Jun 21, 2014

    While spending some time with a friend at a happy hour, I noticed someone trying to reach me from a number I did not recognize. I let the calls go to my voicemail. Three hours later, as I pulled into my garage the same number called (#6) so I answered. It was my PCP calling to tell me I had to get to an ER for a transfusion. My hemoglobin was 4….

Favorite Cancer and Blood Disorder Experiences

  • Cancer - The Secret Change

    Living with cancer
    Added Jan 31, 2015
    This article, so very well written by a practicing oncologist, is superb! Dr. Salwitz truly captures the feelings that I (and probably thousands of other cancer patients) have. Cancer does suck! My cancer is rare. It grows slowly, but it grows. I do not “look like I have cancer.” I hear so often,“You really look great.” The problem is I …
  • Hi, I'm Craig Blower

    It is what it is. Might as well find some humor in your journey.

    Living with cancer
    Updated Oct 26, 2013

    I was diagnosed last February (2013) with stage IV lung cancer. A shock to me, needless to say, as a non-smoker. Unless of course you count those funny things I smoked back in college 40 years ago.

    Besides the support of family and friends, I have found keeping my sense of humor throughout my journey has been the best medicine, other than the…

  • Hi, I'm Peggy J C.

    Alway have HOPE!

    What I've learned
    Added Aug 22, 2018

    In June 2018 I celebrated my 20th year as a survivor. What a struggle and blessing!
    Never give up HOPE!

  • I'm Beth, and I'm going through treatment for Breast Cancer.

    A Summary of My Chemo Experience

    What I've learned
    Added Jan 7, 2010

    This is a summary of the chemo treatment I survived. I have never experienced anything like this. Radiation, and even surgery, was a breeze in comparison:

    6 treatments, one every 21 days:

    - for each treatment, Brad and I were there 2.5 to 4 hours (always had the bloodwork and meeting with the doctor a day or 2 before treatment)

    - #2 …