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My husband is starting immunotherapy..w keytruda on monday, wondering what anyone's dide effects have been and what I can expect? Hoping this works
  • about 13 hours ago ·
Hi, I'm gg
I take Claritin starting the day before chemo. The day of I take late in day after my treatment. I receive my shot the day after chemo and the bone pain is bad on the 2nd day after the shot. It was...
  • Tue Aug 20, 2019 ·
So good to hear about a successful journey with MDS! So you are now about my age 67 and doing good. I was just diagnosed this June. When I get in my 70’s when they will determine if I’m a candidate...
  • Sun Aug 18, 2019 ·
Thanks everyone, I am almost at one week post treatment and all my mouth side effects seem to be getting better and better everyday. Thank you to all for your suggestions on dealing with the dry mo...
  • Thu Aug 15, 2019 ·
Hi, I'm Kathryn H.
My diagnoses was in March 2019. We are very close in in our time frame of diagnosis and treatment. How has your journey been? This is the first time I have written. I usually just read posts. Has a...
  • Wed Aug 14, 2019 ·
I'm Diane K E., and I'm a survivor of Stage 3a Breast Cancer
Not aware of this service, could you forward information?
  • Sun Aug 11, 2019 ·
I'm Nanny, and I'm a survivor of Breast Cancer
I have had one Zometa infusion and will continue with these every 6 months. My bone density scan showed my osteoporosis a little worse than two years ago, so she felt this drug would be best with ...
  • Mon Aug 5, 2019 · Like1
Hi, I'm Betti
I lost most of mine and had my hairdresser shave off what was left. I then just let it do its thing and within 8 months I had a full head of hair back, different color and texture but none-the-les...
  • Mon Aug 5, 2019 · Like1
Hello my husband is on gleevec for 8 years. didn't experience skin reaction, but he would get glauco mastia,(misspell) think breast benign mass , he had it removed once, but still tender
  • Wed Jul 31, 2019 ·
I'm Paula J L., and I'm a survivor of Lung Cancer
Thank you so much for sharing this. I have Calmoseptine Ointment to relieve bug bite itching. I now know I can try it for this purpose also.
  • Tue Jul 30, 2019 ·

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