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This is a public, open group for anyone to join, add events, upload documents and recommendations that are useful for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma patients.

This is a wiki style group which will only become more useful as more people share and participate. Please join and participate!


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Hi, I'm Kelly
Hi all, my doc swore my muscle joint and nerve pain wasn't because of Rituxan or chemo. I can tell you they are wrong. Some of us are sensitive to the chemicals. Especially because of our lymphoma....
  • Sun Apr 14, 2019 ·
Hi, I'm JodiS.
I was first diagnosed in October 2009 amd have been in "remission" since 2014 now it's back again. I had a blog and wrote a book about my journey, Living La Vida (Lymphoma) on Amazon, and just star...
  • Sun Feb 25, 2018 ·
Hi, I'm Pipgarden
The Neulasta helped me build white blood cells after chemo.
  • Tue Jan 9, 2018 ·
Hi, I'm Pipgarden
I got rid of the infection. Now I am back in the land of live and keep monitoring. I have passed the 1-year after diagnosis spot.
  • Tue Jan 9, 2018 · Like2
Hi, I'm Pipgarden
Right subclavian blood clot. Port was on left side of chest. After chemo ceased I got lines of spider veins above and below my breasts and now blood clot. Port was removed today and plan is at leas...
  • Sun Aug 27, 2017 ·
Hi, I'm Pipgarden
Get checked for blood clots after spider veins- just to be safe
  • Sun Aug 27, 2017 · Like2
Created Aug 18, 2011
I think you cancer survivors and fighters might find this site useful It is my personal story of battling cancer. We can win...but it is a rough tough battle. Aaron
Updated Oct 1, 2010
The purpose of this chat group is to provide a forum for patients to address the stresses and triumphs shared by those living with NHL. Discussions include new diagnosis, treatment, side effects, r... more
Uploaded Aug 3, 2009
The Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Booklet from the National Cancer Institute which is a comprehensive review of what you need to know about Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma.