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Diet and natural remedies beating CLL

Hi, I'm Mari

I am 55 female waiting for blood work results following an initial CLL diagnosis based on elevated WBC and ALC. Very upset and confused, can’t believe it.
What diet and natural remedies I can adopt to help myself?
I am in a very good shape, exercise regularly, eat a lot of raw foods every day – fruits, vegetables and nuts. This came up through a regular well-being exam and I am in complete shock. I have an autoimmune condition diagnosed when I was 20 that is not life threatening. My mother has the same autoimmune condition that was diagnosed when she was 70; she is 88 now.
Thank you.

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  • Thu Dec 31, 2015
Hi, I'm BettyR.

I was 47 when I was diagnosed with CLL 2 years ago and started with a WBC of 17. I immediately switched to an all organic, plant-based vegan diet. I also quit coffee, which is acidic and cancer loves an acidic body. (FYI, you can measure your body’s acidity level with pH strips from the drug store). I had already taken sugar out of my diet. Within a year, my WBC was normal and my lymphocytes were going down. But this past year my WBC has gone back up to where it was when I started. I think partly because I added back coffee, eggs, and it was a stressful year at work. So, I’m working on getting rid of the coffee again and learning mindful stress reduction meditation.

I am also taking vitamin C, green tea extract and resveratrol, all which have studies showing they help with cancer. Mayo Clinic has a study regarding CLL and green tea extract.

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  • Sat Jan 2, 2016
Hi, I'm John P S.

Googled diet and CLL and you will come up with several web sites that will hopefully give you the answers you want. Good luck

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  • Sat Jan 2, 2016
Hi, I'm Rick R

I am a 72 yr old male with the same situation, recently diagnosed via WBC and follow up blood studies with CLL—in good shape, healthy otherwise. Don’t know ALC reference above. Appreciate the advice of others who have found natural remedies. What is the problem with eggs referenced by post 2 above? Tend to eat fish and chicken as well, more paleo without much beef. Using green tea and resveratrol now.

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  • Sun Jan 3, 2016
Hi, I'm Michael M.

I am a 72 year old male diagnosed with cll 5 years ago. Over the last 2 months I have been experiencing such fatigue I can no longer exercise and can barely do any activities. Is this extreme fatigue normal with cll?

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  • Sun Jan 3, 2016

Am so sorry you are going through this! I am the same age as you and went through the same thing in May/June as a result of a wellness physical. My WBC was elevated and like you I workout regularly, eat healthy, in good shape, and was completely shocked! It is very traumatic and emotional. I felt great and still do. After several blood and other test I was confirmed to have a sister lymphoma to CLL. The original diagnosis was CLL but the test confirmed the lymphoma. They are basically the same thing according to my doctor.
It has been very emotional for me as I am sure it is with you. If you would like I can give you my personal email if you would like to just talk off line from this forum. Perhaps it would help to talk with someone that understands, been through and is going through and living this. Hang in there and take care!

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  • Sun Jan 3, 2016
Hi, I'm BettyR.

Answering Post # 4 about eggs – I’m not sure if anything is wrong with eggs other than they are not part of a vegan diet. Meat and dairy in general are highly acidic foods and cancer likes when we eat acidic and sugary foods. I was convinced to become a vegan when I saw this movie that showed 3 petrie dishes with cancer cells and they dropped the blood of someone on a standard American diet, a vegetarian, and a vegan on each and the vegan’s blood eliminated the most cancer cells.

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  • Sat Jan 9, 2016

If you folks would go to and adopt some of the programs like I do, you will live longer and could very well beat this disease, which oncologists only know about the big bad 3 of chemo, surgery and radiation….all 3 of which will not "cure"you.
Also buy the Oleander from So. africa and start taking that right away.
Thunder God Vine, look it up.
Baking soda and maple syrup.
Achh powder
I do it all and had a tumor the size of an orange taken out of my cecum/right side colon which probably took 5+years to grow and it only went to the lymph nodes and no where else. I feel this is becaus I started taking these products a couple of years ago, before I knew I had cancer, and it killed any cancer cells floating around.
My onc is astonished I am not stage 4 and that it didn’t spread to any organs.

Much more but do your homework, you will only help yourself live.

Also no side effects from the Drano they make me take which is folfox 6.


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  • Mon Jan 11, 2016
Hi, I'm Joanne M D.

I have CLL also. Found out at what I thought was going to be my last oncologist appt. for breast cancer at age 63. I had done the 5 years of Arumadex (sp?) which made me feel yuckie the whole time. Who knows, maybe that brought on the CLL. I also have vitaligo, which is an auto-immune disease which has caused me to loose the melanin in my skin which created white blotches. It doesn’t hurt , nor is it nobody does anything for it. We spend a lot of time in Costa Rica where I began eating Morenga leaves. They also mention it on the cancer website you mentioned. You can order it from or other places on the internet. Unfortunately it’s expensive. I’ll let you know if it has helped my CLL after my next appt.

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  • Mon Jan 11, 2016
Hi, I'm Patricia F.

hi there:

Just wanted to know if the morenga leaves helped your vitaligo because my husband has it as well.

Thank you so very much

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  • Wed Jan 13, 2016

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