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Created March 12th, 2011, filed in Stage 4 Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

My husband was dx’ed w/stage IV LC on Nov 23,2010. He has been off work since then undergoing treatment. He is doing well and respoded well to WBR and from PET scan results last week he is responding well to chemo. On the heels of the good news last week came the letter in the mail that his employer had cut off insurance benefits! Then the dr starts calling saying things are getting kicked back and now he will have to go thru a program at hosp since no insurance. We go to speak to his employers and they said it was policy after 12 weeks to terminate job/benefits! Ok, we get the policy,law, whatever…what about the fact he has worked there almost 13 years and they couldn’t show him the decency of a warning so we could prepare and not come home from an appt to find a letter a week after benefits had terminated?! And the best part was they calculated what we now owe them for premiums they paid during the 12 weeks(after they used up vac/personal time and took out his premiums). Could they have been any shittier to someone w/such a serious illness?

I'm Millie Rinaldi, and I'm living with Lung Cancer

Oh my gosh, my heart goes out to you both!!!! I just can’t believe how horrible your husband’s employer is treating him, let alone the doctor & hospital. I hope someone with authority can help you or lead you in the proper direction to resolve this horrific time in your lives. I will keep you in my prayers. Good Luck and God Bless!!!!

  • Sat Mar 12, 2011
I'm marisa93, and I support someone with cancer

Thank you Millie…we are stunned to say the least but the dr is working w/us so my husband does not miss trtmnt. I just can’t get over how an employer can just cut off insurance in the middle of everything because it’s policy/law! We will get thru it, thanks again:)

  • Sat Mar 12, 2011
I'm Gail H., and I'm a survivor of Stage IV Breast Cancer

That is just wrong. Can you get help from Social Security or anything? I am so happy with your doctor. Most doctors care so much that they will work with their patients and make sure they don’t miss treatment. But it is so sad that there is a business that would do that to a long time employee!!! You sound like you are in good hands with your doctor.

  • Sat Mar 12, 2011
I'm marisa93, and I support someone with cancer

Gail, we will be talking to social worker at hosp tomorrow when my husband goes for treatment. He was approved for SS but wont get it until June. And yes the dr has been great about setting him up w/this clinic and will then work w/us to b able to see him in the office for visits. Thank you:)

  • Sun Mar 13, 2011
I'm Beatnik, and I'm a cancer survivor

It’s hard to read, but the biz world see things as “nothing personal, policy is policy. . .” and, our health care system/Pharma kings are as cold and hard, too. I have insurance, now, but I might not soon,and I certainly cannot afford $10,000.00 + a year out of pocket just to pay insurance premiums. . . and that would be through a state program “pool” for those of us with pre-exsiting conditions (lymphoma 2007.)

I had a hysterectomy 6 weeks ago (going in it was thought possible ovarian cancer—but, yeah! I was ’clean.") and, although I did not have to pay the full bill, the cost was almost at $30,000.00. My statement read that $11,000.00 was for “misc. services.” What?!

I am jumping on my soap box now: but nothing changes until we, the people, rattle a lot of cages (legislators) and boycot those business that do not cover their employees—or hire part-time/temps to avoid paying health care insurance (Walmart, Sony. . .)
If it is about money, then "we’ hit them back in their wallets.

  • Mon Mar 14, 2011
Hi, I'm lhasamom

Marisa, I would think it’s illegal for his company to fire/deny benefits! Working for 13 years, he’s paid into insurance hasn’t he? Sounds like your doctor is great. As for your hubby’s employer, he’s a total ass!!! How would you feel about contacting your local newspaper? This is so not right on so many levels!!! It’s discrimination. What did the human resource department say at his coompany?

  • Wed Mar 21, 2012
Hi, I'm Teresa R P.

When I was diagnosed in 2008 I thought I had the insurance but found out after all the treatments were done that they considered it pre-existing so we’ve paid for everything and are still paying. The hospitals, Dr’s & cancer ctr has been great, most of all I have a great God who has walked with me throughout.

  • Tue Jan 29, 2013