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Stage 0 Breast cancer

Topic: My diagnosis
Created October 30th, 2017, filed in Breast Cancer

My primary doctor told me “Hey you hit the 40 yr old mark, it’s time to get a base line mammogram”. I thought nothing of it. No big deal I have had one before in 2013. I wanted breast augmentation so I needed to have a mammo before the surgery back then. So I have my base line mammo, think However, when the radiologist called me back and said “we need another mammo, this time with an ultrasound”. I thought, that’s not what I expected the phone call to be. So I went back in for another mammo, then received another phone calling stating they wanted to do a biopsy this time. Now things started to get scary for me. Had my first ultrasound guided biopsy on 28 Sep 2017. Received negative results on 2 Oct 2017, I was very relieved. But then I was told I need another biopsy, this time by mammogram guided because they saw another spot. So on 4 Oct 2017 I had my second biopsy. That sucker hurt like a SOB. On 6 Oct 2017 while waiting for my daughters spicy Chinese take-out who was expecting anytime now to try and “hurry up” labor, it was then that I received one of the worst phone calls I could have never dreamed of. “Bonnie the results are in from your biopsy, it’s cancer”! I balled my eyes out and after I heard the word cancer I heard nothing else the doctor said. I cried with my family and friends and made up my mind that day that I wanted a double mastectomy. 9 Oct 2017 I had my appointment with the surgeon on “my options”. He went through everything told me I was stage 0 and there is no way it could have been caught any sooner than we did. I walked out of that appointment with my surgery scheduled for 17 Oct 2017. During surgery three lymph nodes were taking out and biopsied and thankfully came back negative for cancer. As I type this it is 30 Oct 2017 and I am back at work full time. In the span of two weeks I was diagnosed with cancer and then given a clean bill of health… Cancer free. The surgery was the best decision I feel that I could have made. Good luck and prayers to everyone that will have their own life changing decision to make.

My doctor THOUGHT I had Stage 0, but it turned out there was a 1.3 cm tumor in the tissue when I had a mastectomy. The latter would NOT have been necessary if only I had been privy to the secrets I discovered during my experience regarding the use of the much better screening tool of MRI. Doctors lie and cover it up, because they bow to the insurance industry and together, they betray us. I wrote all of it into a story posted at (mammograms and dcis)

Read it. You’ll be amazed at what we are not told.

Also, re: Tamoxifen and other drugs. It takes your brain a few months to make an adjustment to them. However, that would not have been necessary either if I had known about MRI and about how poor mammography really is. Just read my story. It won’t be a waste of your time.

  • Sun Dec 3, 2017