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Chek 2 gene mutation
Hi, I'm Deborah C.
Having a gene mutation is a game need to be Proactive. Having a double mastectomy is what all need to will come back in the remaining breast in mother has had this happen. I did the double mastectomy, and glad I did…we have the palb2 gene..the Ovaries I am having vaginal ultrasounds every 6 months.. the ovaries are important to have, they protect us from heart di…   Read more…

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Carcinoid Cancer Community Resources

Created Oct 20, 2015 in Jan's resources ·
I was diagnosed with lung carcinoids and I've decided to blog about my experience, the long time it took to diagnose me and what I've done since my diagnosis.
Created Jul 19, 2014 in JASchneiderDO's resources · Like1
I have two FREE e-books via at It has been therapeutic to write... more

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Blueberries for Cancer Protection

Blueberries contain pterostilbene (ter-oh-stil-bean) an antioxidant that may help protect against cancer.

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